World Series of Poker Europe WSOPE 2008 Final Table – Part 9

Ivan Demidov Video Rating: four / five

  1. guanaco103

    jj nit rolled demidov lol

  2. godzac

    5:25 sorry dude, you acted too quick. Call me a youtube hero, whatever, but if you think he made the straight with a 5 in his hand, how come he just insta bets? Or even bets in the first place…

  3. coveirokiller

    damn Alekhin is so fucking scary

  4. Lukawa345

    Don’t worry John, your have 5 now 🙂

  5. assortedlogic90

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  6. wot20

    i had tripiss

  7. Heineken Please

    looks like they are shit at poker

  8. lhipsher

    All-in?  hmmmmm

  9. lg123xyz

    “Yes you should have” LMAO.

  10. 123serg123

    russians suck 9/ou of 10 times

  11. Disney312

    Demidov: “I should have gave up on the turn,” Juanda: “Yes, you should have,” ROFL! you tell him Juanda!

  12. Tehui1974

    Demidov had such a great year in 2008

  13. PartyGamingPlc

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  14. BarryBizzle

    lol, raise it up with 83 and hit trips while ur opponent pairs the K, easy pickings

  15. thetylife

    JJ is great. What speech? pair A..with 9 kicker with Ivan making a pot size bet on the river is far from a sure thing.He was just talking the hand out.That was not a slow roll.

  16. bhoys8uk

    I don’t know why Juanda gave that speech, he knew he had the best hand

  17. LocoAurinegro

    these russians have balls to play poker

  18. scribble127

    If that 7 doesn’t hit the river, man does John have a tough call…

  19. EziixPked

    <3 juanda

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