World Series of Poker Europe WSOPE 2008 Final Table-Part 12

Ivan Demidov Video Rating: 4 / five

  1. Whiteneca

    What if you finish 2nd or 8th would you win some money ? 😀

  2. MrBadumtish

    what fantastic players. What wonderful attitude by both given the duration of this match. Excellent commentary too — thanks for uploading!

  3. nekkro92

    i had treeps

  4. KingFrej

    John juanda is gay

  5. JoelCharron1991

    just look at how tired the crowd is lol… i cant even imagine how crazy the two players are going lol

  6. lg123xyz

    @gaobest well he didn’t want to just hug the guy it might look too gay lol

  7. xyzruben

    Garuda di dadaku !

  8. wesleyhoulihan

    Juanda is such a nice guy…. and great to see someone who has great discipline and never EVER goes on tilt!!! GREAT POKER PLAYER

  9. NegreanuDan84

    Lol.. If you want to play heads up my FTP name = trilin0287 =D

    And yes
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  10. Artoo64

    By the way, if Alekhin is tired, getting it in at 38% could actually be a good play. If Alekhin believes he has less than a 38% chance of winning by trying to outplay Juanda, just trying to get it in on a flush draw at 38% is a much better play.

  11. Artoo64

    These are obviously not nearly as much of donkaments as the WSOP in Vegas are. This year, 2008, did happen to produce Eastgate as the champion, who is like the best one since the poker boom, but even Eastgate can’t really stand up to Juanda. Nice that John Juanda won, nice and funny guy.

  12. andl2evv

    long match and long hand shake

  13. MC1Nie

    quad 6s lolz overkill

  14. PhiIIvey

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  15. julesickdrums

    they should sell some full hours dvd of the final tables, the worthy ones at least, like this one, I’ll watch it gladly instead of the trash they put on tv

  16. julesickdrums

    Gotta take a brreak trree minutzzzz O.K.?

  17. Gytax0

    Omg I get mad when heads up online lasts 1h.

  18. Pa1ntballGuitarist

    9 hours? holy shit.

  19. Olekander

    Vote BNP 🙂

  20. vnneh

    9hours headsup? ID BE DEAD LOL

  21. Muchodelcrazy

    I’d love to see more hands at this final table. Looks like a brutal match.

  22. Muchodelcrazy

    If you don’t bluff you’re not playing poker, eleven.

  23. crooksey201

    And I suppose all the Russians you have played has come in second place in a WS tournament?

  24. tomdamho

    lol it wasnt Quad 6’s but john juanda is a top top player

  25. zombiekid16

    Hes a polite guy from what i seen.

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