World Series of Poker Europe WSOPE 2008 Final Table-Part 11

Ivan Demidov Video Rating: 4 / 5

  1. godzac

    5:10 he has his eyes closed. what a fucker, he just doesn’t react like he’s the king…

  2. ComputerGeekoo

    alekhin : all in
    john : HUH?!

  3. jojonjef

    if u can beat him y r u sitting at home watching u tube and not in the wsop. dont get coki man. hes a pro

  4. MrRavishraven

    that was stupid called

  5. Negreanuz2121

    Haha, I can spare 20$ my FTP username is flylap5609 =D

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  6. eddie8chi

    how? he raised preflop every hand in heads up. he just plays small ball

  7. derenkoff

    i would beat jon heads up he is so tight its insane

  8. coolpoolshark

    they both pushed all in once as chipleader and lost in this clip.

  9. stevenwasicka

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  10. lllexoduslll

    Juanda had twips

  11. Exodus199999

    Lan is ok, Norman Chad is just a twat

  12. jmachadok

    The commentator should have his ass kicked

  13. PartyGamingPlc

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  14. misterf00l

    Lol, I love the commentators. Best duo ever. Love hearing their voices since WSOP is my superbowl

  15. shamoozeeman

    pocket jacks wow

  16. listen2me33

    that commentators an ass

  17. scribble127

    the commentators are so annoying, I turned the sound off.

  18. EziixPked

    damn it Go Go Juanda!

  19. Brendster26

    nice video

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