View on Poker – Ivan Demidov wins with A8 on Poker After Dark!

Ivan Demidov Video Rating: 1 / five

  1. MrDMAlp

    идиотское видео

  2. desperados700

    @ViewOnPoker u r an idiot, stop posting shit like that, u r wasting poker community time, tyvm !

  3. DukeBalaor


    May, If you play with Damidow, you wouldnt want to do that :o) Damidov is agressive player, you need some hand to play with him, not draw on turn. When Damidow would realise, that Cunigham had draw, he would raised him and money are gone :o)

    But, you can try, if once time will be play so high level of poker.

  4. Furthermore23

    iwould bet the turn if i was allan

  5. jksaksok

    the title spoils everything

  6. ba32107

    Dealer lady looks hot

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Ivan Demidov
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