Thomas James Cloutier: a player recognised by his titles

Thomas James Cloutier was born in California on 13th of October, 1939. He is one of the oldest poker players. Despite his age, he is active in most of the poker events. At present, he lives in Texas. He was a sportsman. During his education, he earned scholarships by playing football and basketball. Despite these things, he couldn’t continue his education due to some financial problems. Later in his life he started his own food company but didn’t get any fame or fortune out of it. That was the time he realized that he can make more money by playing poker; a field in which his natural talents can make a great fortune for him.

He started playing poker in his late twenties and in no time was considered as a professional player. He is the only player in the poker world who has won all types of Omaha in World Series of Poker. He won many titles in varieties of poker events, but he is well known for his participations in WSOP where he won six bracelets. For five times, he was ranked among ‘top four’ poker players in WSOP global rankings. He finished second at the WSOP main event of the year 1985 and 2000. He is the second player who has managed to finish at the final tables of WSOP for a record 39 times!

He finished third at the ‘World Poker Tour’ event of the year 2003. His total earnings from poker games, till 2004 exceeds $10,000,000 of which $4,362,048 came from WSOP events. In 1988, he finished at WSOP final table securing fifth position. He managed to finished third at the ‘WSOP main’ event of the year 1998. He cashed in for sixty times in WSOP. His final winning came in the year 2005 where he won his 6th bracelet in WSOP hold them event and earned a total of $627,100.

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