Ted Forrest- A Brief History

Professional Poker players are numerous in this world. But, a very few among those professional Poker players are in the zenith of fame. Among those professional Poker players, Ted Forrest turns out to be an American professional player, who holds around 5 bracelets for his simple mode of handling the game very professionally, in fact. Born on September 24th 1964, Ted was born in New York. It was that a record where he placed three of his bracelets in winning the game WSOP by the very same year 1993. It was during the year 2004; he placed two of his remaining bracelets in WSOP.

The Suicide King:
But, it was a tragedy, where he lost of the three of his bracelets, which happened to be stolen. The rest of the two is with him, which he gave one to his daughter, and lives with the one which was left. Ted Forrest is very much competitive high stakes gambler. He was given the nickname as Professor Backwards, The Suicide King, The Hitman, and also as Spooky very familiarly known for his playing method which yielded him with 5 bracelets for his very professional playing of Poker.

As said earlier, in 1993 he turned winning the game with the bracelets of 3 in his hands. Ted Forrest turned giving much of his attention to play cash games alone. Also, that he is much remembered for his playing of Poker. He has reached 5 final tables on World Poker Tour and also winning a championship on Professional Poker Tour. He has made 22 cashes. In 2006, Forrest won the annual National Heads Up Poker Championship and has won $500,000 as the 1st prize. In 2007, Ted Forrest won the Bay 101 shooting stars tournament by defeating J. J. Liu which is the very longest heads up duel in World Poker Tour history. He earned of the 1st prize of $1,100, 000.

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