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In YouTube Stream, Poker Pro Won $270K

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These days live streams of sessions of online poker are popular, and on the on the YouTube, Doug Polk is one of the most popular poker stars. In his status, he added as one of the best players on the internet alive after he won $271,000 in a stream. Polk is regarded widely as the…

Cube Format In GPL

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Not every kind of tournament or event in poker games gets acclaim or applause from participants or fans. For instance, the Cube event that was introduced in Global Poker League, this was part of the summer release of GPL for World Series of Poker. However, the use of Cube that was introduced received mixed response….

Questions On The Online Gaming Survey Funded By The Sheldon Adelson

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A survey was conducted regarding online gaming in the Pennsylvania, and it was released a couple of days earlier. The Sheldon Adelson funded this survey, but the Lawmaker of the Pennsylvania does not seem to be satisfied with survey as they have called the survey bogus. The result of this survey has come against the…

Susan Carpenter : A Women Professional Poker Player

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When you play the game of poker. She is a player who has won the titles at various poker games. She is a player who has played at the world series of poker game. She has played the game in very sarcastic way and won many cashes. She is a player who has learnt the…

Justin Oliver is Soon to be the Keeper of Gold

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Poker players across the world are on a rise, in recent past we have witnessed the unprecedented growth in the activities from all these pokers and these poker players are working really hard to win a lot of games and develop a reputation. You are going to witness some more and amazing addition to the…

Pokerstars EPT Kiova 2009 Ivan Demidov

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