Questions On The Online Gaming Survey Funded By The Sheldon Adelson

A survey was conducted regarding online gaming in the Pennsylvania, and it was released a couple of days earlier. The Sheldon Adelson funded this survey, but the Lawmaker of the Pennsylvania does not seem to be satisfied with survey as they have called the survey bogus.

The result of this survey has come against the legalization of online gaming. Around 75 percent participants of this survey believe that legalization of online gaming is not appropriate so they opposed it.

The John Payne who is the representative of the Pennsylvania told to the Morning Call that he does not think that the result of survey speaks the true story on account of the way the survey was conducted. He told that the way poll was arranged and designed forces the participants to give answers what organizers of this survey wanted.

Payne is the pen who knows for making efforts for moving forward the regulation of the online poker in the state. It has been told that there are three bills are pending for discussion in the Pennsylvania; these three bills are for the necessity of the online poker regulation while on the other hand, there is also a request for banning the online poker game.

The company owned by the Adelson also owns a casino in the same place i.e. Pennsylvania, and Adelson also in favor of opposing the online gaming in this place. He also advocates RAWA which is a federal proposal. According this proposal, some sorts of the web gambling which are done for real money should be banned.

The survey invited the people to vote against or in favor of the online gaming with the help of answering a number of the statements. The statements used into the polls are considered not to be based on the facts but on the testimony and myths supporting to banning online game.

Ivan Demidov
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