Jay Farber, lucky poker player

Jay Farber was born in United States.  Jay is started playing in the year 2013. He played his first event in the year 2013. Jay first event was played in July 15, 2013; this event was played the Annual World Series of Poker. In this event he was ranked 2nd and had won $5,174,357. This was the biggest match of his life. This happened time in the history of poker that a starter poker player has achieved such a high rank and had won this much amount of cash prize. Jay created a history in the world of poker by achieving and playing such an awesome game.

Jay then played another poker tournament in Europe. The event was names as Main Event 2013 World Series of Poker Europe. In this event he was ranked 34th and had won $27,909. In this event his ranking went too down as compared to his first tournament. But still he played very well in this tournament and had won a good amount of prize money. This was his last poker tournaments. After this event Jay didn’t attended any poker tournaments and was also not registered for any other poker event worldwide.

Jay total wining is $5,202,266 in just two tournaments; many other experience players didn’t even earn half of the wining by playing more than twenty events. This is history and a marking for the other poker players. Jay’s total cashes is two. Jay didn’t played many for many events but still he left a mark in the world of poker player. Jay’s total final table is only one, he didn’t played many final tables. Jay’s is a very smart poker player. He should have continued playing poker and must have used his talent and skill to earn more ranking.

Ivan Demidov
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