Ivan Reveals About WSOP Earnings

It is not often that professional poker players like Ivan Demidov come into the news or gossip circles.

However, the last rumor that was raised about Ivan was how the payment for WSOP Main Event runner up position of 2008 was not given to him. This is, however, recent news that has emerged in 2015. It is said that the World Series of Poker in 2008 had something different for the fans, November Nine. This event was about pausing the main event in order to get back to the members of the final table in the month of November. It had worked out well and in that year Ivan had spurred interest among Russian fans, by finishing in the runner up position.

The position had won him about six million in the tournament and it sure as hell could have turned his life in a different direction completely. However, he states that the money was never paid to him.

There was an article that was posted on his career where he revealed that though he finished in the second position in the main event of WSOP the pot of gold never reached his hands. He says that the story is a long and dark one where he ended up not being paid by his sponsor. However, he did not want to divulge details about the payment not reaching him. He currently lives a happy life and was offered a contract by PokerStars. He also opened a popular portal in his country which provided him the freedom and money to do what he wanted to do with his life. It is a mystery why his backer did not make payments though it is known that often players have to enter into agreements of handing over a hefty percentage to their sponsor if they win.

Ivan Demidov
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