Ivan Demidov

Ivan Demidov was born in Moscow, Russia to a very affluent family. He was born in the year 1981. He had a very sound academic background and he was very good at math. His first inspiration towards poker was by seeing his father play it with his friends. Poker became a regular weekly affair and he picked up the game pretty quickly. He would sometimes even join his father’s friends in a game and he became quite good at a very early age. He would keep on playing poker and even made the game popular among his friends. Ivan was very fond of the game but the hardest decision for him to choose between a secure career and poker. He always knew what he wanted to do and he took up poker at the professional level. There are very few people who can make it big in the world of poker as the game is not so popular at the competitive level.

He was always a serious sort and hardly expressive, this helped him in his game as one needs to have total control over ones expression during the game. The game also needs a fair share of mathematical calculations and a faint idea of probabilities. In other words, the game of poker is not merely throwing around cards but it needs a lot of knowledge and insight. Ivan Demidov seems quite young to be one of the best poker players in the world and he even held the record for being finalists in two World Series in the same year.  His best year was the 2008 season as he finished second in the World Series of Poker and earned a lot of prize money, on the same year he again made it to the final table on the World Series Europe and finished third this time.

Initially Ivan Demidov received a lot of financial backing from a well wisher so he gave his financer his share of money and in the end it was calculated that the financer received back much more than Ivan Demidov himself, but that is the kind of man he is and values were always more important to him that earnings. He is placed right at the top with some of the best poker players present in the world today and he is also a part of the famous November Nine group which received a lot of fame in the poker world.

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Ivan Demidov
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