Ivan Demidov vs Dennis Phillips – WSOP 2008 Main Event Final Table

Ivan Demidov Video clip Rating: four / five

  1. RicanX5

    Hey look, its FPS Russia

  2. curuzu

    @yanick203 so what u want? a medal?

  3. ucla198

    phillip played it horrendously. ivan 4bet pre cause he doesn’t believe phillip has that strong a hand (maybe a hand like AJ or 1010 AT BEST). phillip shouldn’t limp reraise pre with AK espeically since he doesn’t shove after ivan 4bets. also the donk bet by phillip was stupid since ivan showed so much strength pre that ivan probably isn’t folding (ivan could easily have QQ+, AQ+, or set of 10s or Js.)

  4. Tembath29

    I’m not so sure that Demidov’s play here is great. Limp/raising pre flop is a sign of real strength. I’d be ranging Phillips on TT+ and AK here. I don’t think he’s folding any of those apart from what he actually had.

  5. mariSchatz28654564


  6. yanick203

    I just eliminated Ivan Demidov on Pokerstars in a sit n go

  7. curuzu

    I think Ivan thought “well, the old man looks unconfortable, I re raised preflop so my image is like AA or KK, 1st plan; push I make him fold, 2nd plan; If he call I have 2 over cards and a UpDown Straight draw…. Do or die” IM ALL IN!!

  8. kazikartinec

    @crockett616 It’s very easy why Demidov reraised, if you play poker long enough, u must know that chip leaders usually open most of the pots by trying to steal, which ivan did(opened a lot), and Phillips could easily play back at him by limp reraising- so Demidov decided to 9bet him, which is also very strong if Phillips doesn’t have AA there, he could put Ivan on AA.

  9. DukeBalaor


    Weak bet? 4.5 millions? 😀 Are you kidding me? :o))) Should mean he hits a set, or over pair, it was good move, but Demidov decided gamble and for this time, well play. But he has afraid to push it. Only way, fold or push :o) I thing, that was pretty good decision, but againts set???? Just gable, he cant know.

  10. templedown

    id closes his eyes for a sec when he’s bluffin. great bet though. good player

  11. Motherfunctional

    two poor plays here. calling with AK, extremely weak bet on the flop…

  12. NikolayTim

    @1985pza Демидов пишется с большой буквы. Это фамилия (по вашему – второе имя) )))

  13. 11kike17

    The bet of phillips on the flop is very bad. Ivan do it very well

  14. gerardotxholdem

    @ets008 play the FINAL TABLE OF MAIN EVENT WORLD SERIES OF POKER “A-K” like Phillips and re-write your line kid.

  15. crockett616

    What gave it a way was not the way he said ‘i raise’ but the fact that he bet into the preflop reraiser and he bet small. He wouldnt have done it with a real hand. He would go allin preflop with QQ and probably KK and he wouldnt bet those or AA into demidov on the flop. No reason for all the hate though dude plays better than anyone here. Im not sure why demidov reraised preflop, all hands hes in trouble against will not fold but those will that he dominates or can push out on the flop.

  16. adam75south

    lmao “i raise”

  17. mmnmnmmmnmmn

    4 bet**

  18. mmnmnmmmnmmn

    He simply did not have a plan after flatting the 5 bet. which lead to a big spew.

  19. thefrigidness

    dennis worst play here is only betting 4 million after the flop .. so weak

  20. sketto

    I think he gave it away when he said “raise”. Demidov must’ve picked up on that. He’d been playing so good, no way he missed that.

  21. galeng

    4-bets getting flatted makes me giggle

  22. ElSpewtardo

    @nuimyster we have the luxury of seeing how terrible phillips played the hand

  23. m4rkyboy

    Russians play good at games

  24. Meems1001

    wrong, you need to decide to shove or fold, flatting and hoping to hit a 6-outer, or in this case a 5-outer, is just donking off your chips

  25. AA72AA72

    when demidov 4 bet it there preflop you have to decide to flat or shove with A K off, I mean come on people this is the world series of poker, and most online player know this

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