Ivan Demidov – 3rd Place 2008 WSOPE Main Event

Ivan Demidov Video clip Rating: four / five

  1. Cheshario

    he finished in the wsop, and 3rd in the wsop europe

  2. pokeryfoosy

    Why was Andy5674’s comment removed? It was actually a good answer.

    “They always interview him after a final table that’s why he’s always tired.”

  3. TheSpiritualShow


  4. TheSpiritualShow

    w a funny guy, dreamed about him, probably cause ive seen erlier that week the wsope episodes lol, and no no f gay shit f fags

  5. patjai

    Demidov has tremendous talent, yet he is very humble and gracious in defeat and admitting his bad plays. Definitely want to see more of him. This final table was better than any other I’ve seen in terms of skill level of the players. Demidov, Alekhin, and Juanda all played exceptional. Would have been more interesting if Daniel caught some cards though.

  6. benstudd

    Yeah that was the WSOP main event at the Rio

    What a class player, and clearly determined to get better.

  7. darkburnout00

    I thought he finished 2nd

    or is that a different tournament?

  8. pokerstaaars

    i think we’re going to see a lot more of this young man

  9. MilfGrandma

    anyway, he is insanely good

  10. MilfGrandma

    ruki vehr mr. demidov

  11. johhnny5alive

    He humble i like the guy, heads up main event now too good luck to the man. What dreams are made of

  12. pokeryfoosy

    This guy always looks fatigued.

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Ivan Demidov
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