In YouTube Stream, Poker Pro Won $270K

These days live streams of sessions of online poker are popular, and on the on the YouTube, Doug Polk is one of the most popular poker stars.

In his status, he added as one of the best players on the internet alive after he won $271,000 in a stream.

Polk is regarded widely as the player of the heads-up no-limit hold’em cash game; on party poker he entered a $5,200 tournament. The tournament has the field of 274 players, who created the prize pool of $1,424,000. In the event Polk finished as the last man standing.

This victory of Polk is one of the biggest internet poker scores, live streamed on the YouTube. Moreover, the players in WCOOP 2016 streamed a second place. It was the high roller event for $455,000.

In the various events Polk has won or has finished the best, he has earned $5.1 million. And this is the just the informed incomes, other than that, Polk must be having some other earnings as well. To know more about the earning of Polk in the live Poker games, one can check his various videos that are present on the YouTube.

As far as the popularity of this player is concerned on the internet, then he has a great fan following and everybody people keep their eye on the player whenever he is seen playing live tournaments.

This format of poker is also gaining the popularity and this is just because of the players like Polk. He has become an inspiration for many. Polk stand on this is, it is really good to win any tournament and I too feel lucky and proud to win big tournaments like this. However, playing such events and tournament is not that easy, one has to play very logically.

Ivan Demidov
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