Cube Format In GPL

Not every kind of tournament or event in poker games gets acclaim or applause from participants or fans.

For instance, the Cube event that was introduced in Global Poker League, this was part of the summer release of GPL for World Series of Poker. However, the use of Cube that was introduced received mixed response.

The Global Poker League has recently resumed with twelve teams in total participating in the league. They would be playing in the six max format in the online forum. The GPL had a survey conducted during the summer series. As per the visitors’ survey, which had responses from 279 people in total, there was a question asked as to what they thought of the Cube and whether it should be used in live format. To this question the answers given showed that people were not sure whether the Cube and the format was right.

The average range of replies centered on being average. There were several respondents, like a person from Poland who stated that Cube represented a combination of online as well as live poker game rules. However, other young professionals were not excited about taking on the online format put on television. There were certain viewers who felt that the design of the Cube for online working was fine as well as the fact that music was pumped in intense ways into the headphones. It definitely was a way poker broadcast could be taken to the next level. Hence, there is a distinct segment of fans who are excited about the GPL and the Cube format. However, another segment stated that they were not excited about the format. They felt that the players could not be heard with the headphones on and that made it difficult to follow. However, anything new usually entails controversies and hence it is nothing new.

Ivan Demidov
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