Chris Bjorin

Chris Bjorin was born on October 14, 1947 at Sweden. He started playing poker at very young age but his parents were totally against him. So he decided to play outside from home with friends. He was also interested in sports betting occasionally. Chris Bjorin played a lot of poker from Sweden and eventually moved to England in late 1980s. He participated in NLHE championship and started practicing other popular form of poker to become a professional. After few months, he was ready to take tournaments also. Quickly he became regular in cash games. In 1989, he finished third place in Omaha. His first win was achieved at NLHE event at Manx Classic.

By 1991, he moved to Las Vegas for WSOP event. He made his first final table at WSOP event in the same year. He won plenty of tournaments in Las Vegas during late 1990s. The good news is that he was able to secure his gold bracelet in 1997. He was very much happy through his achievement and success. His second gold bracelet came in 2000. Once he moved to Las Vegas, he never looked back. His life is full of victories and incredible success at multiple events. He has become an inspiration for young generation today.

Today, he is able to participate in variety of poker game he wants. Because of his consistent victories, he made more than $5 million at live poker events. He has also maintained an excellent life style through poker earnings. Now he is 60 and he is still looking to participate in bigger poker tournaments. His sincere passion and dedication towards poker makes him different from others. You are free to get more information about the player online. We are still looking for deep performance from this wonderful experienced player.

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