Beauprez and Gorodinsky Win Bracelets

It was a historical day at Rio yesterday where the day ended with first time gold bracelet winners Beauprez and Gorodinsky. There are many other profiles at the main event that has performed extremely well. Both players are immensely happy with their victory and scores at the final event. The players are really lucky as both have wrapped gold bracelets around their wrists. Gorodinsky made his victory at $2,500 Omaha event and Beauprez won his first bracelet at No Limit Holdem tournament.

At the same time, there is plenty of profiles still hunting for big victory or their first gold bracelet like Obrestad. Obrestad has performed extremely well at No Limit Holdem tournament in 2008. His friends were expecting a lot from him this season also. Other popular profile is Joe Cada who has already won gold bracelet in season 2011. He has made several final tables and he is taken as big name in the history of poker world. It was sad that he was not able to claim his second bracelet this season.

It was Beauprez who has done extremely well against all popular faces like Joe Cada and Obrestad. Obrestad is just 28 years old with impressive poker profile who has won millions of dollars during his entire poker career. We are looking for a deep run from this wonderful player in near future also. No limit Holdem tournament 2013 was a mixed game for Gorodinsky. More than 700 players have participated in No Limit main event. At the forth day, there were total eight players at the final table and they were competing against each other. At last, Gorodinsky was able to claim his first gold bracelet. He is extremely happy with his victory and h is planning to improve his poker skills by joining online training schools.

Ivan Demidov
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