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David Grey-Poker professional holding 2 bracelets in his hands

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When you think of playing the game, you can never forget playing the Poker game. Poker game is just the art of handling the cards, which the professional handle the cards in a manner yielding them success, and also the fame too. When you consider playing Poker, you need to know the tricks to excel…

Daniel Christopher Alaei-Holding of 4 bracelets proudly

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When you think of playing games across the world, there are numbers of games playable. Those games attract people towards its playing. There are uncountable games, yet the very game which people do play from its’ inception is Poker game. Poker game is one such game where the handling of cards matters the most. When…

Ted Forrest- A Brief History

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Professional Poker players are numerous in this world. But, a very few among those professional Poker players are in the zenith of fame. Among those professional Poker players, Ted Forrest turns out to be an American professional player, who holds around 5 bracelets for his simple mode of handling the game very professionally, in fact….

Steve Zolotow

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Steve Zolotow is an expert poker player from Las Vegas, Nevada. It was in the mid 1990s that Steve Zolotow took to poker totally and advanced a restrained approach to the diversion. Recognized to be a standout amongst the most trained players in the poker circuit, Steve Zolotow regularly plays at money joints on Avenue…

Chris Bjorin

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Chris Bjorin was born on October 14, 1947 at Sweden. He started playing poker at very young age but his parents were totally against him. So he decided to play outside from home with friends. He was also interested in sports betting occasionally. Chris Bjorin played a lot of poker from Sweden and eventually moved…

Beauprez and Gorodinsky Win Bracelets

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It was a historical day at Rio yesterday where the day ended with first time gold bracelet winners Beauprez and Gorodinsky. There are many other profiles at the main event that has performed extremely well. Both players are immensely happy with their victory and scores at the final event. The players are really lucky as…

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