2012 EPT 8 Barcelona pt. 2 – 5 European Poker Tour Season 8

Ivan Demidov Video Score: five / five

  1. sexpistolsdaz

    phil ruffin would disagree vanessa

  2. tsias10

    vanessa was playing really good
    what the fuck with the shove there?

  3. ikweetbeter

    vanessa shemale jhonson

  4. BRBpoker

    that vadim kursevich is surprisingly a very good russian player

  5. EvaristoPuentesLeira

    pastor, deja de hacer el tonto, siempre criticas a los que lo hacen y lo haces tú

  6. OzzieDazzler

    how did that donk NIKOV make it to last 110?

  7. Toxicpot76

    yeah nice vids man loving the channel. selbst is a fkn tank hahaa, easily best female player.

  8. haine920

    Keep posting these videos, I love it.

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Ivan Demidov
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