Action Clock In WPT

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Action clock concept has been implemented in the World Poker Tour season this time.

It is the sixteenth version of this tournament and the events are coming to an end by the end of August 2017. As the new season was started on the World Poker Tour, the authorities announced that there would be a 30 second action clock that would be used in the Main Tour events. This is a new rule having been added and it will be used in WPT Choctaw and will continue till the end of the season this year.

This is the first time that the action clock concept has been implemented. It was also introduced in 2016 in WPT Tournament of Champions. This year it remains as a key feature of the Main Tour Events. It would remain applicable till the tournament is concluded. Players would be limited to 30 seconds within which they need to take action. They would also be eligible for time extension chips. (more…)

In YouTube Stream, Poker Pro Won $270K

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These days live streams of sessions of online poker are popular, and on the on the YouTube, Doug Polk is one of the most popular poker stars.

In his status, he added as one of the best players on the internet alive after he won $271,000 in a stream.

Polk is regarded widely as the player of the heads-up no-limit hold’em cash game; on party poker he entered a $5,200 tournament. The tournament has the field of 274 players, who created the prize pool of $1,424,000. In the event Polk finished as the last man standing.

This victory of Polk is one of the biggest internet poker scores, live streamed on the YouTube. Moreover, the players in WCOOP 2016 streamed a second place. It was the high roller event for $455,000. (more…)

Ivan Reveals About WSOP Earnings

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It is not often that professional poker players like Ivan Demidov come into the news or gossip circles.

However, the last rumor that was raised about Ivan was how the payment for WSOP Main Event runner up position of 2008 was not given to him. This is, however, recent news that has emerged in 2015. It is said that the World Series of Poker in 2008 had something different for the fans, November Nine. This event was about pausing the main event in order to get back to the members of the final table in the month of November. It had worked out well and in that year Ivan had spurred interest among Russian fans, by finishing in the runner up position.

The position had won him about six million in the tournament and it sure as hell could have turned his life in a different direction completely. However, he states that the money was never paid to him. (more…)

Spartan Poker Now In Legal Jeopardy

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Spartan Poker the website for online gambling is an Indian gambling website.

It has found itself exactly in the middle between the two rivals (IPC) Indian Poker and PokerGuru. Both the online service provider is having legal battle.

The PokerGuru online gambling website is run by Rajat Agarwal and he is planning to register a lawsuit against the IPC promoters in Kolkata. It stemmed from the notice that was made for public and was posted on the website of Spartan Poker i.e. on December 4 2016. The notice states that on the operation of online gambling site, the PokerGuru holds no control. In the notice it was also mentioned that Rohit Bhalla, Rajeev Kanjani, Peter Abraham, Amin Rozani, Quadrific Media Pvt. Ltd. and Sameer Rattonsey, will face the legal action.

Spartan Poker is the subsidiary of IPC group, upon the publication of notice the IPC group authorities says that, they moved the domain name to many hours before the notice was published. (more…)

Jeff Rosietaire : An Australian Poker Player

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This is a male poker player.

He is considered as one of the best poker player of Australia. This player began with his poker career at a really young age and has also achieved much in his poker career. This player is from the Melbourne city of Australian. He is very much known and a very popular poker player. He is a very enthusiastic and a player with full of skills. He plays the game with full of his skills and has a very bright future in the game. He always comes with the winning spirit in the game. He is very much passionate player and always has a very positive attitude towards the game and its opponent poker players.

He always comes with the winning spirit in the game no matter whether he wins or loses him is always satisfied with his game and he learns from his as well as his opponents mistakes. (more…)

Cube Format In GPL

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Not every kind of tournament or event in poker games gets acclaim or applause from participants or fans.

For instance, the Cube event that was introduced in Global Poker League, this was part of the summer release of GPL for World Series of Poker. However, the use of Cube that was introduced received mixed response.

The Global Poker League has recently resumed with twelve teams in total participating in the league. They would be playing in the six max format in the online forum. The GPL had a survey conducted during the summer series. As per the visitors’ survey, which had responses from 279 people in total, there was a question asked as to what they thought of the Cube and whether it should be used in live format. To this question the answers given showed that people were not sure whether the Cube and the format was right.

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